Nursery Rhymes Most of the nursery rhymes, reflects events in history like London bridge is falling down, London bells nursery rhymes. Traditional poems for youngchildren is used for the nursery rhymes. To revise the nursery rhymes there are several attempts. Now the nursery rhymes for kids available at free of cost through internet online and also can download rhymes from online. kids rhymes Rhymes are very interested for the kids to listen. They are very interested to listen music they can understand the lyrics but they can sing rhymes which is interesting to us and also funny to us. Si. (read more) When most people think of love poems, they think of serious and grim expressions of emotion. Sonnets by Shakespeare or romantic poems long redness and Lord Byron are the norm for love poetry. However, it can be funny love poems to be good to laugh. Can not be romantic, but give your friends something to enjoy. Funny love poems When most people think of love poems, they think of serious and grim expressions of emotion. Sonnets by Shakespeare or romantic poems long redness and Lord Byron are the norm for love poetry. However, it can be f. Poems and Birthday Text Messages April 10, 2012 Birthdays are a very festive occasion that comes every year and a person is very happy on this particular day mostly because this day is all about them. People send wishes and cards and almost every time a party is given to the person or demands of treat are piled up on the person. People are quite enthusiastic about this day and most of the people who cannot join in for the festivities send Birthday SMSs so that they too can be a part of the person's big day. On the other hand we have poems, most of the people who don't understand this art ask that why poetry is so important? What they don't . hediye April 02, 2012 Among the list of countless family Christmas time gift ideas out there, homemade family Christmas provides always top record. If you want several kinky gifts to help you get very hot and bothered this Valentine's, then the is a list in your case. Exquisite for couples who want more flavoring t. The Role of Amor En Linea in Our Everyday Lives February 05, 2012 When two people have a similar crazy sense of love, it may be the most wonderful part of the planet, a higher of all high's. But if it's wrong -"O no" love can become really dangerous, if love is alone and just one-sided then it can rule your life and take over completely regardless of who you are. And most people have had this experience at least once within our life's. Love is grand love is great, when love has all of the power there is no room for hate. Love quotes from people all over the world. You can be certain that we have all experienced love at least once within our life's. Playing Guitar - A Reflection Of Your Soul February 03, 2012 The guitar, be it electric or acoustic, is the most versatile of instruments. You can strum a few chords, adopt a highly disciplined classical guitar technique, or play sophisticated jazz chord and scale progressions. The choice is yours. Whatever your bag, the journey to achieving your goal and the fundamental sound is the real buzz. It's a funny thing, but music is unlike most other activities. Take football for example, there is no escaping the fact that if you want to play pro-football you had better be good and there are no short cuts. Technique and fitness is an absolute must. Music. Beautiful Poems and Beautiful Poets January 20, 2012 Good Fences make Good Neighbors - Robert Frost says it in his 'Mending Wall'. Poems are always beautiful. Poems are Beautiful to read and more beautiful to feel. Words framed in rhythmic order makes a poem. It can be a stanza with four lines or couplet with two lines or a funny limerick, poems are poems. Life is dictated in few lines. Love is romanced in few lines. Hatred shown, emotions spilled, embraced and at times protests. It all covers in minimum words. Many poets went on to describe nature and their beloved ones. Above all The Almighty. Whatever might be their subject or object peo. How You Can Use SMS Technology in Dating and Courtship January 12, 2012 It makes me depressing sometimes to see more and more people yelling hate and badly behaved for death to somebody or other. As Gandhi claimed: "If everyone who has been done wrong insists on an eye for an eye, then the world is going to be blind. " Humor can be a way of coping with the trials that life sends to us. If you look, you will find which life has a fantastic love of life. Have you ever witnessed a naked mole rat? Yahoo it, laugh and thank your lucky stars you don't look like that will. Following are some more of my favorite laughs. If you like this style of humor, then you will lov. Now, even after such a prolonged period of time, poem in no way lost its charm as it still continues to exist in various forms including funny, romantic, emotional, motivational and even sad. Gone are the days, when poem's were only restricted to Urdu regions. From last many years, poet used many languages to touch the heart of people whether it is English, Hindi, Punjabi and. (read more)