Home entertainment is more popular than going out, nowadays. But even if you've got a good setup that includes a HD widescreen and sound system you may not be covering all the bases. Once you've got your hardware bases covered it's time to take a look at the quality of the signal you're sending through that hardware. There are more choices now than ever - satellite, cable, and telcos. I've compared and tested the latest offerings and unlike other satellite and cable providers that haven't delivered complete home entertainment packages, Comcast cable has kept up with this changing market and offers the best features with value. The Comcast HD Triple Play bundle which includes High-Speed Internet, Digital Cable and Comcast Digital Voice is an example of one of the best digital entertainment packages. Comcast is known for cable television and broadband, but Comcast Digital Voice and flat-rate local and long distance calling make their package one of the best Comcast cable deals ever! Comcast offers their premium services at a low bundled price, giving you the convenience of one monthly bill for cable television, telephone and Internet access. You just pay one flat fee for the latest On Demand videos, fast PC downloads and nationwide, unlimited long distance calling. Comcast's Digital Cable Services are the basis of the Comcast HD Triple Play package. All your favorite movies, events and programs are available in full high definition resolution with the most HD anywhere - access to over 1,000 hi-def choices including live shows, sports, news, and movies. Add Comcast's HD/DVR box and service and you can pause, rewind, and fast forward your movies and recorded shows as needed. You can even pause and rewind live TV! And with Comcast's On Demand feature you'll get thousands of choices including premium movies, programs, videos, and more. No more late fee's as well since you can watch newly released movies over On Demand for about the same price as the video store without leaving your home and on your schedule. Add 45 commercial-free music channels to round it out, and the choice is simple. You'll never want to leave your living room again. Comcast's high-speed Internet service makes regular dial-up and DSL connections seem like dinosaurs, it is so quick and responsive! Comcast High-Speed Internet, Digital Cable has the speed for everything from basic email to downloading movies off the web. You can even take advantage of Comcast's broadband service to playing multiplayer online games that take a lot of space and speed, with fast-paced motion. Your whole family will love the fast speed and find many ways to enjoy the Internet that weren't available with the slower connections. With McAfee Security Suite included at no additional cost, you can enjoy safe and secure browsing, courtesy of Comcast. Comcast's advanced fiber-optic network makes Comcast cable deals the best your money can buy for your web experiences. Comcast has the solution to long distance telephone bills with their Digital Voice service. For a low monthly rate you get unlimited local and long distance calling across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. You get to keep your existing phone number and don't have to purchase any extra equipment than you already have. Comcast Digital Voice works on your existing lines. And with Digital Voice you'll get 12 popular calling features at no extra cost including call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, anonymous call rejection, voice mail, and more! Your local phone company simply can't match the call quality, features, and price of Comcast Digital Voice. Comcast HD Triple Play gives you three great features rolled into one low price. Mixing Comcast's top of the line High-Speed Internet, Digital cable and the Comcast Digital Voice plans, the Comcast HD Triple Play is a great value. High definition television, unlimited nationwide phone plan, and High-speed Internet make Comcast HD Triple Play bundle the best option for your communication and entertainment needs. After looking at the features of digital cable and the value you get from bundling all your essential home services from one single company I think you'll also agree that Comcast is currently the best place to go for digital entertainment and media. Anna Sussman presents consumers with Comcast Cable TV reviews and deals. If you're thinking about purchasing digital cable services check out Anna's articles first.