Article Summary: In the ancient time, or the era when the first recognition of an art was evident, painting portrait was also considered as an art for royalties. Why? Actually, availing of personal portrait or painting was very expensive. An oil portrait, pastel portrait, charcoal portrait, pastel portrait or even a caricature portrait painting will tell someone that they are special, it is affordable and available not only for the royalties. Have you considered giving something as unique and valuable as a gift? These portrait painting gifts will become the ray of hope and sunshine in someone's life; taking a One of the most popular mediums of this kind of painting is oil. I know that most of us know Leonardo Da Vinci and his masterpiece "Mona Lisa". Well, we could not deny the fact how people appreciate the beauty and elegance of the said artwork. This is because only a few could able to paint a certain subject. Furthermore, only the royalties and rich people could able to avail their personal portrait painting. It is believed that this kind of painting was originated in Egypt and it is proven because of the paintings that are found inside the pyramids. Hence, this kind of masterpiece was treasured and usually kept for years. Some portrait painters who became famous in the art industry are Michelangelo, Raffael and Tizian. All of them have their own styles and concepts that made them known all across the globe. A child portrait, family portrait, wedding portrait or even a pet portrait will speak a thousand words on canvas that will last for years. These are permanent memories which cannot be erased over time but form an everlasting impression in our hearts. Our homes are heirlooms, an attractive ambient space which leaves your guests appreciating your taste. If you have a unique collection of portraits, you can show off your home with great pride. Oil paintings are great for a home and add a certain level of sheen that makes your house sparkle. It has this light sheer glow that makes any colour you choose seem to bounce off the walls and brighten up any room. Many persons like to go with white oil paints because white always seems to be the brightest and offer an angelic glow to any atmosphere; it just reminds of you something clean and fresh with a hint of glitter. The oil reproductions on canvas from portrait artists will help you get the real portraits with the look of oil paintings. Not only this, the paintings remain fresh and new for long years if maintained and taken care of few things. You simply have to keep these paintings away from sunlight and dust. Oil reproductions on canvas are recreated by hand but look completely identical and indistinguishable The popularity of these paintings and the latest technology has left people fulfilling their hunger for masterpieces of art in their homes. Many of them also go for oil canvas portrait and leave their friends and relatives surprised. If you opt for this latest technology you will find that your art-collecting hobby is turned extremely rewarding. You need to find a good company or an artist who will help you convert any painting or portrait in to oils reproductions and give you the pride of owning distinctive paintings of famous world class artists. These are not machine generated photocopies. Instead hand painted reproductions of oil paintings give you the feel and look of original and outstanding art pieces. Commission an oil portrait painting - Bespoke oil portraits paintings hand painted by our professional artists from your photographs Oils are an ideal medium for portrait painting because of the richest colours that can be created. Hand painted oil portraits painted from a photo you took whilst you were on holiday that was really memorable, or perhaps a photo you took of your loved ones wedding day. Portrait painting is created with a purpose of showing the characteristics and features of the image whatever the subject it is. Hence, portrait painter could able to emphasise the details of a certain subject to boost up the ordinary appearance to a more elegant and classic one. Usually, the original photographs have some blemishes or even a blurred print, but with the use of the latest technology, the final portrait painting derived from an ordinary photograph will be a cool view to every pair of eyes. Whatever their methodologies are, portrait painters could surely paint a smile in our faces for assuring a very excellent portrait painting product.